Meet Robert

Certified Facilitator

My name's Robert Colangeli. I struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my teens and twenties because I did not know who I wanted to be in this world (I am still a work in progress but I feel much clearer now, thank God). I tried hundreds of self-help books and techniques/activities  to feel "better" about myself. I then read "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and it completely changed my life. I was operating from the premise that I was "not enough" as I was. I now believe that I am simply enough as I am. As Desmond Tutu said so beautifully, "You belong because you are." I am here to help you with my services of life coaching and Heart Math so that you can feel empowered to live your best life and always know that you are enough simply as you are. Although I also currently believe, it is in the enacting of your gifts that you see the reflection of your "enoughness" in the world. This is the power that you had in you all along when you finally believed and took action. Looking forward to working with you if you feel so called. God bless. Sincerley, Robert