Everyone has an aura. Quantum physicists have shown that we are all particles of light energy that are continuously emitting wavelengths of energy at a certain frequency. Colors can be differentiated from light due to the frequency that they vibrate at. Aura photography is able to capture the electrical frequency that you are emitting. This can be helpful for one to see because the colors you are emitting show your current personality, whether your are relaxed or stressed and whether your are introverted or extroverted. This can help one get a better idea of who they are, how they are showing up in the world and what life pursuits are best suited for their personality. Guy Coggins (the inventor of the aura camera) has a great quote from Patricia Sun (holistic practitioner) that states, "May we allow the energy of God to flow into us, vibrate within us, expand and radiate from us, as us." Come and get an aura photo and analysis today!