Heart Math

       I am certified as a Heart Math Building Personal Resiliency Trainer. Heart Math cultivates emotional intelligence that is often overlooked in our educational system as children. Emotional intelligence is so important as it is the foundation of our relationship with our self and others. The heart is the first organ that the body creates. The heart also fires many more neuron signals than the brain! Therefore, the heart can be termed as the energetic center of the body. The thoughts that you have in your mind are affected by the emotional state of your body as emotions occur before the thought! Therefore, if you can tune into your emotions, you can get more clarity on your thoughts and why you are having them. By tuning into your emotions and giving them attention, you are giving them love, this love creates a beneficial effect to how you currently feel as well as the quality of your thoughts! This in turn creates you expressing and showing up as more of your true self to the world. It would be my pleasure to show you in-the-moment techniques that you can use when alone or in a crowd to stay connected to who you truly are so you can live in this world with the utmost authenticity, ease, grace, joy, love, peace and fulfillment. Sessions are a sliding scale exchange of $50-150 based on how valuable you found the session and your current financial state. Feel free to contact me at robert@liveliheart.com and we can set up an appointment via Zoom! Looking forward to working with you if you feel so called. Sincerely, Robert