Life Coaching

    I am certified as a holistic Integrative Wellness and Life Coach. What makes this holistic life coaching approach different from regular life coaching? This way of life coaching gets on your life's agenda. I do not tell you what to do. I ask powerful questions and active listening so that you can inquire within and get clarity and confidence by articulating what you want to do to as a unique, intelligent and fully capable individual.  Another thing that makes this life coaching special is that we focus on integrating all four aspects of your self (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). As Integrative Wellness Academy believes (as do I) that if there is an imbalance in any aspect of yourself, then it is affecting all other aspects of your self in an unhealthy way due to the unnecessary stress and tension that it is causing you. Let's delve deep into your self to see who you really are and who you want to truly be in this world. I am so excited and honored to have the opportunity to take this journey with you, as I learn as well, from hearing others' greatest personal challenges (which lead to the actualization of their greatness) and greatest personal truths. The first 90 minute session (client intake) is a sliding scale exchange of $100-250 (based on how much you value this session and your current financial state). The second 90 minute session is also a sliding scale exchange of $100-250. All optional 60 minute follow up sessions are a sliding scale donation of $75-150. You are worth the investment! So looking forward to working with you if you feel so called. Sincerely, Robert